Let's Build A Home


Another cool project we were able to do for the Raiffeisen Bank. The youth department of Raiffeisen asked us to create a fun, animated commercial, showing the benefits of their new youth Clubkarte. We used a displacement map in After Effects to control the amount and timing of the displacement, exported the whole package as an OBJ sequence and finally used Element 3D for animation. In the images you can see that the displacement was driven by an animated BW map we created in After Effects. Once the 3D model of the card was detailed enough it could go through the whole displacement magic. We exported the 2 seconds as an OBJ sequence and imported it in Element 3D where the card got the final look with lights, reflection maps, shadows and contrast.

Client: Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG
Animation: Jürgen Rabatscher


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