Young and eager police recruit Chris shoots a mentally ill man on duty. He is celebrated a hero, but soon after, traumatic symptoms begin to surface. In a desperate attempt not to be exposed by his tough superior Konstantin, he resorts to excessive violence, in order to hide his trauma and fulfill his dream of becoming an elite cop.

We were hired to do an exclusive poster for the promotion of Stefan A. Lukacs first feature film COPS. Our ambition was to create a cinematic poster which transports the story, look and feel of the film. Therefore we combined various elements of still photography, stock footage, lights and smoke. The final design is currently being used for social media, the film's website and various printed forms. We had a great time developing the concept with director Stefan A. Lukacs and we were equally thrilled to work with the renowned DOP of the project, Petra Korner.

Agency: DRÜBER
Production: GOLDEN GIRLS


Studio Photography

Design Elements

The poster's matte painting basically consists of five layers: The cop himself (Anton Noori). A plate of the stadion. A massive load of hooligans. Elements of smoke and light covering the hooligans. And a dramatic set of clouds to enforce the tension between the cop and the raging mass. But whilst putting together the poster piece by piece my Photoshop comp didn't end up with just 5 modest layers. The final graphic contains 237 layers. Since the distribution format was A0 (84,1 x 118,9 centimeters) there was some heavy data lifting going on.


Cops: Anton Noori, Laurence Rupp
Creation: Stefan A. Lukacs
Still Photographer: Petra Korner
Gaffer: Jakob Ballinger
Producers: Karin C. Berger & Arash T. Riahi
Design & Matte Painting: David Arno Schwaiger

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