The Tetrahedron


We were approached by one of the owners of the Kohlbecker Group, Florian Kohlbecker, to develop a new innovative way to present their work and their organisation. They already came to us with a specific idea of using a triangle geometric form, that should be interactive. Each corner of the triangle stands for one of the three key competences of the shown company. The positioning of the various project-points, r epresent the relevant balance to which core competence was needed most in that specific project. Under the creative guidance of Johannes Mücke, we developed an interactive Tetrahedron, which allowed Mr. Kohlbecker to present every aspect of the group in its interconnectivity. Furthermore is the system structured in such a way that all data can be exchanged within its own backend. We love when clients come up to us and challenge us with new concepts. 2.0. is already in the works.

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